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Steamer for brooms, designed for high-quality steaming and subsequent storage in a steamed state of standard deciduous and coniferous bath brooms in an atmosphere of saturated steam.

Professional bathers and even sauna lovers know and understand very well that a broom steamed in water, especially hot, becomes heavy and sticky. A lot of useful phytoncides, essential oils and other useful microelements are soaked from it. A broom steamed in an atmosphere of gentle saturated steam not only does not lose these elements, but also becomes soft, light and, as the bathers say, "silk". Steaming sessions with such a broom are undoubtedly both useful and pleasant.

Steamer for brooms
Water Tank Material: stainless steel AISI 439 1 mm /stainless steel AISI 430 0.5 мм.
Rated power consumption: 0-1.5 kW
Recommended number of brooms to be steamed at the same time: 1-4 PCS
Overall dimensions (Width, Depth, Height): 355х332х740
Weight of the device: 16kg
Water volume: