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The tank is intended to provide water in a continuous, automatic mode to the electric steam generating devices connected to it, which are produced by the company (steam generators, steam-thermal furnaces). If necessary, the tank can be used for other purposes related to the storage and supply of water.

The tank shall be used in the premises with the absence of main water supply or the lack of possibility of connection to them.

The tank is manufactured of heat-resistant AISI 439 stainless steel with a thickness of 1 mm and is sheathed from the outside with decorative treated wooden laths. The tank has a removable lid and three 1/2-inch tappings welded into the bottom. The tank is hung on two self-tapping screws placed at a marked distance.

When installing the tank, it is necessary to comply with the norm set forth in the Operating Manual for electric steam-thermal products and requiring setting of a distance from the bottom of the tank to the top of the product, being at least 1 meter. If when meeting this requirement it becomes technically impossible to fill the tank through the top, it is necessary to connect it through one of the tappings to a mechanical water (foot or hand) pump.

The second tapping is connected to the flexible indicator of water supply to the electric steam generating device in accordance with the scheme in the Manual for its operation.

A tubular water level indicator with a cork floating ball, which is supplied in one set with the tank, is connected to the third tapping. It is recommended to paint the float with a bright waterresistant varnish in accordance with the user's choice. The level indicator is attached with two screws to the left or right of the tank. By focusing on the position of the float in the level indicator, the user can replenish the water level in the tank without allowing the steam generating device to operate in "dry mode".

Periodically, preferably at least once a year, we recommend removing the tank and carrying out its technical cleaning and sanitation.

Manufacturer: LLC "Inzhkomtsentr VVD"
TIN 7713210780
4E Fabrichnyiy passage, Podolsk, district of Klimovsk, 142180 Moscow region, Russia.
Multichannel phone: +7 495 411-99-08.
Storage tank, mounted, small
Water Tank Material: stainless steel AISI 439 1 mm
Overall dimensions (Length, Width, Height): 400х250х268 mm.
Includes a tubular water level indicator with a cork floating ball.

Water volume: